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Basker Hval (EP)

I think about the universe all the time - that s**t keeps me up at night. But this record isn’t meant to be just about ‘what’s out there’, you know? Whether you are driving through the city at night, dancing till the break of dawn or pondering the questions of existence, Basker Hval is just meant to lift you up and make you feel.


Basker - präfligəsēj Final.jpg

Präfligəsē (Single)

“Präfligəsē speaks to human consumption. Listening to the track, i imagine an unnecessarily extravagant person walking completely effortlessly through life - with no regard for our planets critical state. Somehow the track speaks to something in us all”.


Basker Hval O.M.D in another dimension where everbody is perfect.jpg

O.M.D (Single)

“O.M.D stands for Olympus Mons Dance. Olympus Mons is the tallest known mountain in our solar system. Thoughts in memory of Albert Camus and my love towards our universe, made me try to gather the different threads into a single danceable track, that reaches towards the sky through a state of absurd joy.”